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Importação e Exportação

As mercadorias de origem dos EUA, Software e /ou
Tecnologia e produtos Manufaturados estão sujeitos as leis
de exportação do país, Em caso de exportação ou transferência, o cliente concorda em assegurar as permissões necessárias (licença, licença de exceção, etc, conforme o caso) serão obtidas a partir dos EUA, bem como do país em que a exportação se origina .

O cliente também concorda que os produtos, software, e ou tecnologia de origem norte Americana não serão usados, vendidos, reexportados ou incorporados em produtos, exceto os permitidos pela lei dos EUA.
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sales term

The relationship of buying and selling of products is made directly between siletec and the customer, so that the rights and obligations are attached to both sides.

Thus, we can ensure the safe operation and integrity of our services, the requests will be subject to review and approval of cadastral data.


Listed prices are subject to change and are valid for purchases effected Bduring its display.


Quoting and Purchasing

Customer must contact Siletec directly at Phone
(011) 5099-44-01 or e-mail (www.siletec.com.br)


Products are sold throughout the country. For deliveries in the Sao Paulo area, we offer our own transportation , which facilitates compliance with the lead time proposed at the purchase order. For deliveries in other regions, the customer can choose the carrier with its respective phone number in order to allow us arranging the transportation of the material. For material sent by mail, it is customerresponsibility to define how to send them (accordingly to the availability of the requested service to the region) as well as the costs involved for = urgent deliveries. It is necessary that the material is checked when received. If injury or violation identified in the package upon delivery, please contact thesiletec because all parts are checked and properly packaged before shipping.;


The lead times are set accordingly to the availability of items instock or backlog schedules.

Import / Export control Policy:

he U.S. origin commodities, software and / or technology exported from = the U.S. and / or manufactured products made with U.S. technology are subject to the laws of the U.S. re-export. In case of re-export, Customer agrees to ensure that the necessary permissions (license exception license, etc., as appropriate) will be obtained. The products, software and / or technology will not be used, sold,re-exported or incorporated into products used directly or indirectly in the design, development, production, storage or uses not permitted by U.S. law. The products, software and / or technology will not be used directly or indirectly, sold, exported or re-incorporated into products for the = benefit of others .Siletec also reserves the right to cancel any order = that requires an export license.

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